9 - 11 years old

インターGrade 4で習う英語のidiom集





イディオム 意味
hit the road to go somewhere
brighten my life make my life happy
flying colours really doing well
go nuts go crazy
cat bit your tongue why aren’t you talk
hold your horses wait
kick the bucket you are dead
the straw that broke the camel’s back the last thing makes something happen
blew me away something amazing
feet being a branch walk too much
smooth as butter clever and sneaky
going bonkers go crazy
noodles in your head you are silly
pig out eating a lot
get cracking get going
a nail biter an exciting game
needle in haystach looking for something hard to find
keep your chin up don’t give up
tie the knot married
under the weather not feeling good/sick
break a leg good luck
cloud nine very happy
in a pickle in trouble/in a tricky spot
catch some z’s sleep
step on it go fast
elbow grease try hard
go bananas go crazy
hit the hay have a sleep or nap
easy as pie very easy
a hive of activity busy place
in the doghouse in trouble
as good as gold very good
with bells on excited and ready to go
joined at the hip inseparable
pulling your leg joking around
no dice no luck
hit the books study
take a hike get out of here
meat and potatoes main point
bust a move dance


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